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About us

Ultrasound System (ECHO) Sales

DNS - Medikal is a company focused on Sales, Service and Maintenance of Medical Equipment. It is under administration of Mr. Durim ÇELA (with professor degree on medical sciences) and chief of Radiology Department on UHT Mother Teresa, meanwhile on the technical department serve Mr. Fredi PANÇI, in charge of Sales, Service, and Maintenance of Medical Equipment.

DNS - MEDICAL cover a wide range of biomedical services. Not only sales of medical devices but we offer also installation, testing, calibration, service, support and maintenance of your medical equipment. We have qualified personnel for service and support on biomedical field; meanwhile we have a very good collaboration with our international partners. Always we keep a good stock of spare parts for almost all medical devices so that we support fast and correct our customers to keep their business permanent secure.

Aparatura Radiologjie
Radiology Equipment

On collaboration with our partner on Germany, we brink almost all radiology equipment such as X-ray systems, CT scanners, MRI devices, new and second hand equipment with warranty and technical support ensured. We make transport, installations, testing and calibration for almost all radiology equipment as well as we can offer other medical equipment such as ICU devices, Laboratory equipment and too many other medical equipment.

Servis Biomedikal
Biomedical Engineering

We offer service and maintenance for medical equipment, not only for ultrasound systems, but for other radiology devices such as x-ray systems, CT scanner, MRI systems, clinic laboratory equipment, ICU devices etc.

We serve with zealous staff. Our technicians and engineers are continuously trained on Germany for service and maintenance of medical equipment running strict protocols and procedures according to best international standards of medical maintenance.